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Snowflake ice machine is used in the supermarket

Supermarket ice machines are often used in aquatic products, food, supermarkets, medicine and other industries to improve fresh-keeping transportation. Therefore, the ice market is becoming more and more extensive, and the requirements for ice quality are getting higher and higher. However, ice machines are used in supermarkets. Which type is more appropriate? Product features: The snowflake ice machine does not need to be broken, the ice flakes produced can be used directly, the snowflake ice machine is more energy-saving, it takes up a small area, and the volume is about 1/3 of the ice cube machine. It is suitable for small and medium supermarket ice machines, but Snowflake ice machine is easy to melt. If you use it in supermarkets, you can choose a large ice machine to replenish the melted ice flakes in time. Supermarket ice machines are mainly used for the fresh-keeping function of seafood, aquatic products, meat and poultry. There are more flake ice machines. Normally, the daily ice consumption of a counter is about 120-150 kg, which can meet the daily ice consumption of the counter. How big an cbfi ice machine can be selected. Based on years of experience in selling ice machines, it is concluded that the specific purchase size of small fresh supermarkets depends on the type of fresh food area and refrigerated products to determine the size of the ice machine. You can also consult the manufacturer of the ice spring ice machine, we Recommend a cost-effective product for you.
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