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Snow ice maker brings refreshing to summer

Summer is here, do you really want to refresh yourself in this cool summer? The birth of the Snowflake brings a little coolness to your hot summer. Do you know how the ice comes from? It is estimated that some think it is frozen out of the refrigerator. Haha, it is actually snow made by the Snowflake . , Into a snowflake shape so it is called a snowflake ice maker. The working principle of the Snowflake : (1) The chilled water pump in the water storage tank continuously circulates through the plate-type or subdivided evaporator; after the compressor is operated, it undergoes suction-compression-exhaust-condensation (liquefaction)-throttling -Then in the evaporator at a low temperature of -10 to -18 degrees, the frozen water is continuously condensed into an ice layer on the surface of the lower evaporator at a water temperature of 0 degrees. When the ice layer has condensed to a certain thickness At that time, after the refrigerant's evaporating temperature reaches the set temperature of the temperature control, the defrosting solenoid valve is turned on, and the deicing is usually performed in the form of a heat pump. Then the next cycle is realized. (2) Ice making cycle: through the water supply valve, the water automatically enters a water storage tank, and then the water is pumped through the flow control valve to the shunt head, where the water is evenly sprayed on the surface of the ice maker, like water The curtain flows through the wall of the ice maker, the water is cooled to the freezing point, and the water that has not been evaporated and frozen will flow into the water storage tank through the porous tank, and the cycle will restart. (3) Snow Refrigerator Condensation: It can be realized by air-cooled, water-cooled or evaporative condenser. The evaporative type is installed higher than the ice machine, the water-cooled condenser is installed under the ice machine or under the refrigeration system, and the air-cooled condenser is installed in the ice machine according to the actual situation. It can also be installed outdoors. If necessary, water-cooled condensers can be used on ships or on the coast, using sea water for cooling. The performance characteristics of the snowflake cbfi ice machine: (1) The unique water tank floating ball water inlet system ensures no residual water, no deicing process, no water loss, no residual water, water saving and energy saving. (2) The use of stainless steel shell, anti-corrosion and durable, independent integrated structure, compact and concise, save space. (3) Spiral hob squeeze ice making type, compact structure, realizing automatic separation of ice and water. (4) There are protective shutdown functions such as full ice display, water shortage display, over-cooling protection display, and fault warning display. The ice maker will automatically stop when it is full of ice or lack of water, and it will automatically turn on when there is electricity or water, and it has an automatic memory recovery function. (5) The insulation layer of the box body is made of fluorine-free foam, which has good heat preservation effect. The ice making process adopts full computer program control, imported computer chip, reliable control and stable operation. Keywords: Snow , Manufacturers, Snow Price, Snow Manufacturers
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