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Snake venom the lyophilizer

Snake venom is a kind of poisonous snakes from poison gland secretion of liquid, ingredient is toxic proteins, accounted for about 90% to 95% of the dry weight. Enzymes and toxin containing about twenty kinds. In addition, also contain a few small molecular peptide, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleotides, biological amine and metal ion, etc. Snake venom component is complex, the toxicity of different snake venom, pharmacology and toxicology effect each has its characteristics. Snake venom has the functions of dehumidification, anticoagulant antithrombotic, removal of fibrin yuan, reduce blood viscosity, blood vessels, improving microcirculation, reducing blood fat, snake venom medicinal value is mainly used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and research. Use of snake venom lyophilizer dry powder, dry out the venom is conducive to long-term preservation snake venom biological activity, for a time.
snake venom producing refining and processing technology of frozen, that kept the snake venom toxicity, so it is toxic. Snake venom producing is a collection of snake venom with professional snake venom lyophilized machining, after used for processing Chinese medicinal materials, as well as traditional Chinese medicine factory bonus to drug use. So if it is made of Chinese and western medicine, content is safe and is not recommended to buy snake venom producing reuse. Freeze-dried snake venom is relatively simple, sealing glass bottles, in the low temperature refrigerator cold storage room. The duration of 10 - - For 20 years.
snake venom producing function:
1, the effect of snake venom has the breakthrough in the field of medicine, blood cycle snake poison producing ( Such as long noded pit viper, viper, welding head snake) Clotting mechanism can be used to treat old thrombus, bleeding, etc. , is the developing direction of the future medicine. And nerve venom producing ( Such as cobra, coral snake, krait) Can refine anaesthetic nerve poison can paralysis nerve, and no sequela!
2, snake venom producing in the beauty industry also has a good application, snake venom whiten skin, weaken the effect of dark spots, this early study abroad, such as South Korea, Japan, Thailand's venom mask sales special hot, is our country female friends favorite skin care products.

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