Small lab lyophilizer structure analysis

by:CBFI     2020-10-07
Small laboratory lyophilizer by a small cold trap of basic unit and the vacuum pumps and some accessories, in the cold trap with insulation cylinder body with cooling pipes, cylinder has a transparent acrylic bell, the cylinder body is made are connected to the vacuum pump and vacuum seal, basic unit equipped with vacuum gauges and temperature gauges, and a control switch, water drain valve and vent valve, etc. Laboratory lyophilizer there are two kinds of the temperature of cold trap, if single stage refrigeration to - About 50 ℃, if the cascade refrigeration to - Around 80 ℃.

basic unit can be different combinations, and other accessories to meet different test of freeze-dried products, such as manifold combination can be more with bell and freeze-dried products inside the flask, serving plate with tamponade institutions and cover layer and clock combinations can freeze-dried vials, combined with centrifugal attachments and clock cover can be lyophilized ampoule, etc.
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