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Small household ice machine

Type: TF - ZBJ - 12 household ice machine

the product dimension ( W*D*H) : 297 * 367 * 378 mm:
package sizes, W*D*H) : 343 * 406 * 430 mm:
advantage: compact, portable design, fashionable bright beautiful appearance, high efficiency of the effect of ice, ice making machine in the ice making process using automatic microcomputer chip control, Each time the ice making time can be controlled in 6 ~ 15 minutes;
characteristics: there are three kinds of ice cube size: small, the big
water quantity: greater than 1. 0 kg
6:3. 0 l
ice bar can easily take out; Then take the ice scoop a.
ice-making capacity: 13 KGS/day
power supply: 220 ~ 240 v / 50 hz; 115v/60hz; 130 watts

the machine is a kind of applicable to family, bar, hotel and restaurants, small desktop ice machine. The ice for the bullet shape, ice crystal clear. The machine adopts high quality food grade plastic materials making, ice making machine heat preservation effect is good. Machine adopts microcomputer control and in the machine with water temperature sensor, the ice on the infrared tube detection, automatic stop after the expiration of the ice. According to water temperature automatically adjust time of ice making ice cubes same size. with current probe, automatic stop when no water. adopts refrigeration compressor structure, has the cooling speed, low noise, less consumption, no pollution, etc.
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