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Small cold water machine in the application of laser marking machine constant temperature cooling

Manufacturers to discuss with everybody small cold water machine in the application of laser marking machine constant temperature cooling! Laser marking machine when working continuously for a long time, the motor temperature rise faster, to cause the servo motor temperature drift effect, the control precision. Temperature drift including servo motor proportion of zero drift and drift. If the motor temperature rise from 25 ℃ to 35 ℃, the parts dimension precision will be 0. 01 mm down to 0. 06mm。

you can see by the above parameters had a greater influence on the temperature on the accuracy. Due to the common laser marking machine vibration mirror made in aluminum, and using the air flow cooling, basic can meet the requirements for the average accuracy of machined part. But need to machining high precision or repeated positioning precision of the workpiece when it is difficult to meet the requirements. How to control the galvanometer temperature become a key technology for increasing accuracy of laser marking machine.

small cold water machine provides a constant current constant voltage and constant low temperature circulation cooling water, can effectively control the galvanometer temperature, heat stability and efficient laser marking machine galvanometer constant temperature cooler. The galvanometer laser marking machine constant temperature cooling system, including small industrial ice machine cooling water pipe and water cooling, galvanometer galvanometer.

when laser marking machine work, small injection water cooled chillers through the inlet pipe cold water galvanometer, successively through the galvanometer, X to the servo motor control board base base, Y to servo motor base from the outlet pipe to return to again after constant temperature water industrial ice machine, heat away through the small cold water absorption of galvanometer, effective circulation cooling of galvanometer system to conduct a comprehensive, make its temperature is always constant. So as to realize the laser marking machine long time continuous work scan pattern shape precision and position accuracy can remain the same.

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