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Small cold water machine

Small cold water machine ( Also known as the small cold water machine, small ice water machine, laboratory, cold water machine, cooling water circulation machine) , it is a kind of can provide constant temperature, constant voltage and constant current cooling water equipment. Small pattern in cold water with water tank, water tank volume according to the needs of the refrigerating capacity, can be adjusted. Small can cycle refrigeration, cold water machine is through the injection of water right, to the news by small refrigeration system after water cooling, cold water machine again by cryogenic cooling water pump into the cooling equipment. Small frozen in the cold water machine will heat the water temperature after it was taken back into the water again, achieve the effect of cooling, so again and again. So, small cold water machine is an energy-saving equipment of energy conservation and environmental protection.
in addition to environmental protection and energy saving, small cold water machine advantages also many:
small cold water machine is compact, easy to install, quick operation, is a laboratory, laser equipment, small industrial equipment ideal accessory products. Small cold water machine is widely used in laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding, laser drilling, laser equipment. Because the tap water pressure instability and scale more congestion fine tubular, affect the normal operation of the machine; And the contradiction of water shortage increasingly prominent, and equipment ( Especially precision instruments) More and more high to the requirement of water quality and temperature of the cooling water, small cold water machine has become the first selection of more and more users.
small industrial ice machine tank adopts enclosed design, effectively prevent the dust in the field of impurities into the circulatory system, efficient adapt to bad working environment.

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