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Small chiller suction throttling energy regulation

The suction throttling energy regulation of small industrial ice machine is in refrigeration compressor suction pipe installed on the evaporation pressure regulator, the gas from the evaporator after throttling refrigeration compressor, the lower the load the stronger the throttling effect, increase the suction is reduced in volume than the compressor capacity, and evaporating pressure must be maintained.

this method is simple but not economic, because artificially raise the pressure ratio, unit consumption and exhaust temperature rise, and inspiratory pressure does not allow excessive decline, so it can only make a small range of energy regulation.

refrigeration compressor start-stop control is one of the most simple energy adjustment method, with an ability no transfiguration compressor ( So-called compressor without varactor capacity refers to the compressor at the constant speed drive and energy without unloading mechanism) Small refrigeration device, the widespread adoption of the intermittent operation of compressors ON/OFF control mode.

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