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Small chiller in medical supporting the use of magnetic therapy apparatus

In medicine more use of magnetic therapy apparatus to cure various diseases, part of the power components in the process of work will produce heat, especially the most magnetic therapy apparatus using coil magnetic fields generated by current, but when the current through the coil by the internal resistance of material produces heat, if not timely heat dissipation, coil burned due to temperature increase, so the small industrial ice machine in medical supporting the use of magnetic therapy apparatus to achieve cooling purpose, to work effectively for a long time, and extend its service life.
small chiller in medical supporting the use of magnetic therapy apparatus, the small cold water machine the refrigeration technology, mainly including two loops, refrigeration cycle and heat exchange water cycle. Condenser, evaporator and water tank form a refrigeration cycle, making the required temperature of cold water tank. Pumps, copper tube with water and form a heat exchange water cycle, copper tube and coil heat exchanger, copper tube with water to complete a heat exchange, thereby reducing the temperature of the coil in the magnetic therapy apparatus, achieve the goal of cooling heat dissipation.
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