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Small caterpillar fungus lyophilizer prices

With continuous development and application of freeze-drying equipment technology, the break traditional high temperature, but under the environment of low temperature vacuum drying method a new type of low temperature drying equipment to dry goods, by the market and people. For example, the popular freeze-dried fruit and vegetable chips, freeze-dried pet food, freeze-dried Chinese caterpillar fungus, Chinese herbal medicine health care products, such as scented tea makes more people to this kind of new technology and equipment on the lyophilizer.

for example, in the industry of Chinese caterpillar fungus, ever fresh, the drying methods were adopted to dry air drying, drying and other traditional process, the disadvantages: easy to deformation, discoloration, loss of nutrients. And with the emergence of the lyophilizer Chinese caterpillar fungus, cordyceps, vacuum freeze drying out not only easy to long-term preservation, and after this way of freeze drying of Chinese caterpillar fungus can maintain its original shape size, color, heat sensitive material and nutrients. After freeze-dried cordyceps from its market, quickly with people of high quality medicinal materials in health care needs of the market. Acute sense of Chinese caterpillar fungus also quickly attention up on cordyceps sinensis freeze-drying process and freeze-drying technology, caterpillar fungus cordyceps lyophilizer equipment prices.

here in the factory for the majority of Chinese caterpillar fungus people say about small caterpillar fungus lyophilizer prices and HFD lyophilizer bring series of in situ small caterpillar fungus cordyceps freeze-drying technology, from the users themselves to study fumble cordyceps freeze-drying process, fresh Chinese caterpillar fungus, open the lyophilizer, waiting for the end of freeze-drying process, can get the original full, color, shape of freeze-dried cordyceps. HFD series in situ small caterpillar fungus lyophilizer has three options: 0. TF - 1 square HFD - Market price of 39800 yuan, 1 0. TF - 4 square HFD - Market price is 49800 yuan and 4 0. TF - 6 square HFD - 6 market price 79800 yuan; Specific discount need contact Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter 13661495136
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