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Small automatic ice maker(2)


  Small automatic cbfi ice machine(2)

   The schematic diagram of the refrigeration system of this machine is shown in Figure 2. It adopts dual-channel automatic conversion refrigeration, thus realizing the automatic conversion of ice making/deicing. No manual intervention is required, and the mechanical system is also omitted, which makes the whole machine structure more concise and concise.


   As shown in Figure 2, when cooling, check valve 1 is closed, check valve 2 is opened, the high-leakage and high-pressure refrigerant output from the compressor Circulate to the condenser in the direction a. After passing through the throttle valve (capillary throttling), then enter the Yanfa refrigeration via the check valve 2, and finally enter the compressor through the liquid injection separator to complete the refrigeration cycle.

The heat recovery structure in the    system is to wind the capillary tube around the liquid injection separator and the return air pipe and pass through the middle of the return air pipe. The refrigerant in the compressor generates a certain amount of superheat, the purpose of which is to improve efficiency and protect the compressor.


   Figure 3 is the circuit diagram of the machine. KTI is a compressor protection relay. When the compressor is overheated, it can be shut down to protect the compressor. The K length is the sensor, which is disconnected when the ice is full; the ice making is stopped, and the sensor is switched on when the ice is low. K bamboo is a running state sensor, located above the evaporator.

The    picture shows the cooling state. When the leakage degree reaches about -20 ℃, the sensor is turned on, and the refrigeration system is switched to the heating state. The state is switched to the cooling state. S is the cleaning switch. Press it during cleaning, and the water pump works, but the refrigeration system does not work. You can wash the pipeline and the inner tank by mixing. The machine has certain innovations in the structure, refrigeration system circuit and control system, and is simple in structure, reliable in performance, easy to use and sanitary.

   (Ice Spring Ice Machine)

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