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Small automatic ice maker(1)


  Small automatic cbfi ice machine(1)

   With the gradual improvement of my country’s dietary life and cold drink industry, people’s desire for edible ice is increasing. In price shops, bars, ice machines have become essential refrigeration equipment.

   This article introduces the Bingquan brand automatic edible ice maker. It uses a full stainless steel shell, beautiful in appearance, and integrated with the rouge room appliances. The knot is small. It occupies a small space, especially its own. The two-stage water flow device can directly make ice for consumption after the tap water passes through Chongqing, which is more convenient and hygienic to use.

  The following is a brief introduction to its structure and working principle:

   Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the ice making structure. The ice tray is located above the inner container of the ice maker. It is an inverted aluminum plate with pits, and an evaporator is welded on the top for cooling. Below the ice tray is a short head, and the water can come from the tap water, or it can be sprayed under pressure by a water pump. The sprayed water quickly freezes on the pit of the ice-making tray. After the ice cube reaches a certain size, the sensor operates, so that the high-leakage refrigerant directly passes through the hair dryer, causing the ice cube to fall off after being contacted. Recover the next ice making process. The plastic parts of the machine's inner tank that are in direct contact with water use antibacterial materials to ensure the health of the expenser. The inner tank is covered with a foaming thirst-preserving layer to prevent the ice cubes from melting quickly. The upwardly inclined door cover facilitates the removal of ice cubes.


  (Ice Spring Ice Machine)

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