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Sliding vane machine

Is sliding vane compressor is mainly used in small air conditioning refrigeration unit and automobile air conditioning. It has a simple structure, easy manufacture, small pressure fluctuation, a bit of small vibration, but also due to large sliding vane and the rotor and cylinder of mechanical friction loss, cause the efficiency is low, thus limiting its use range.

the sliding vane compressor is mainly composed of the body, the rotor and the sliding vane of 3 parts. Open on the body has a suction orifice and exhaust orifice, driving a number of longitudinal grooves of the rotor eccentricity configuration within the cylinder, are installed in the groove along the radial sliding vane. Rotor rotates, sliding vane under the action of centrifugal force, thrown out from the slot, end on the inner wall of the cylinder and the inner wall of the cylinder and rotor surface constitutes a crescent-shaped space can be separated by sliding vane into small room, this is the primitive volume. The rotor rotates, the primitive volume from small to large, from big to small again, to complete a cycle. When primitive in the process of increasing volume and inspiratory mouth are interlinked, began to inhale, until to form the primitive volume after a slip sheet over the inspiratory mouth edge on the suction end, while the primitive reach maximum volume, primitive volume smaller, since the gas is compressed inside the airtight cubage, constantly improve its pressure, when the composition of the primitive volume the exhaust orifice vane met before on the edge, the primitive volume and exhaust orifice are interlinked, the compression process is over, begin to exhaust, until after the primitive volume when a slice across the lower edge of the exhaust orifice exhaust end, after the primitive volume reaches the minimum value, residual in high pressure high temperature gas increases with the rotation of the rotor and the primitive volume and expand, to former vane to the lower edge of the inlet orifice and = suction orifice are interlinked again began to breathe in.
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