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Single stage compressor cycle

Single stage compression cascade (automatically Auto- cascade) Cycle

mixed refrigerant single stage compression refrigeration, not only can be used for routine and still available r for lower refrigeration temperature occasions: mixed refrigerants high boiling point components and low boiling point components the boiling point of difference is large enough, the technology of roadway are segregated and automatic. Using single stage of segregated double temperature cold storage refrigeration system flow chart of the ship. From chiller compressor exhaust gas of high temperature and high pressure mixed working medium R600a/R32 through the condenser to the cooling medium heat release, the majority of high boiling point R600a and a small amount of low boiling point of R32 condensed liquid, gas-liquid two-phase mixing working medium into the popular liquid separator, rich R32 gas and rich R600a liquid separation. Rich R600a liquid after throttle J1 step-down cooling into the high temperature evaporator, provide high temperature cold storage with cold. Out of the evaporator heat library rich R600a two-phase medium and out of the low temperature cold storage medium mixed into the rich R32 endothermic become low pressure gas condensation evaporator; Rich R32 gas condensation on condensation evaporator, through throttle J2 step-down cooling junior people library at low temperature steaming A hair, provide cold quantity to low temperature cold storage. State 1 low pressure gas by compressor suction, compression becomes high temperature and high pressure gas, complete refrigeration cycle.

the above since the cascade cycle has the advantage of simple structure, the disadvantage is that the separation rate is low. As shown in play April 29, the device can effectively improve the solus par aqua I of the cascade refrigeration system efficiency. Compressor to compress gaseous mixture refrigerants for high pressure state, after the condenser cooling condensing into distillation bottom further exothermic, slightly in the throttle valve and step-down rectifier junior people. In rectifier, mixture refrigerants for heat and mass transfer through the separation of high boiling components and low boiling point components. High boiling components at the bottom of the cooling liquid by J2 throttling depressurization junior people rectifier top, there is a small amount of refrigerant liquid evaporation heat, make pipe outside the low boiling point of a small amount of condense into liquid refrigerant, backflow as a rectifier. High boiling refrigerant by J3 step-down to the right temperature in the condenser evaporator heat evaporation become air blow. , on the other hand, from the pure pavilion at the top of low boiling point, refrigerant vapor was condensed in the condenser evaporator, the regenerator 1 too cold junior people throttle J4 step-down cooling, and then into the evaporator heat evaporation and cooling effect. Meters from the evaporator of the low temperature steam after endothermic concave heat exchanger with high boiling refrigerant rendezvous, the condensing 2 heat back to the compressor, evaporator and regenerator to complete the refrigeration cycle.

you can see that the evaporation of low boiling point liquid refrigerant in the evaporator, in the same evaporation pressure, will be more low evaporation temperature of industrial ice machine low boiling point, so as to realize lower refrigeration temperature. If using a single refrigerant low boiling point of single stage compression cycle, the required condensing pressure will be very high, often difficult to achieve. In the automatic cascade cycle, low boiling point refrigerants condensation is implemented by the evaporation of refrigerant high boiling point, due to there is no need to high pressure. The advantages of automatic cascade cycle, single stage compression force to achieve lower refrigeration temperature provides a effective way.
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