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Simulation of the control points mechanism

With the rapid development of economy, air separation equipment in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry and aerospace and other fields has been widely used. Air separation unit is towards giant, inside the packed tower, and produce argon without hydrogen, compressed, gas and liquid, and production and high degree of automation, high reliability, low energy consumption in the direction of development.

air separation process calculation in the design of the air separation equipment occupies an important position, he can directly affect the produce to meet industrial requirements, and efficient operation of air separation equipment. Because of air separation unit in the system equipment, logistics and huge heat flow, mass and energy exchange is complex, and the interaction and influence of the artificial calculation can only collect heat flow icon, according to the laws of thermodynamics for simple material balance and energy balance calculation, it's impossible to be precise distillation calculation and the calculation of the whole process, more reach the purpose of optimizing process. Air separation process, therefore, the computer must through the establishment of the process model, with the aid of computer to complete, can be designed for high efficiency and energy saving of air separation process and the actual air separation process optimization to provide important basis.

according to the requirements of the product's performance index is different, there are differences in the form of air separation process. Therefore, a model is used to describe a variety of different processes is very difficult. No matter simple or complicated process, however, can be divided into compression, cooling, heat exchange, rectification, such as a number of units for thermodynamic calculation, each unit had already mature algorithms. According to the specific process, through the flow of material balance and component balance and energy balance will be the basic unit module together, can complete the whole process of simulation.

for simulation of air separation process, there are two main trends at home and abroad. A computer simulation program. The second is directly using the mature business process simulation software.
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