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Simple introduction of the condenser

Spiral plate condenser

the spiral plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficient heat exchanger. As shown in figure 4, 6 by two Zhang Hou for 15 to 40 mm steel plate welding with round steel support, support high ( The steel plate spacing) For 5 to 20 mm, to ensure that certain flow channel and increase the rigidity of spiral plate. Port in the center of the spiral plate heat exchanger, and finally the outside part of the spiral plate heat exchanger, spiral plate under both ends with this seal welding.

cooling water from the outer end of the spiral plate condenser, from the top of the central flow out. Ling agent making steam from the other side of the spiral plate condenser central partition r department enter, industrial ice machine condensate pool in the bottom. Spiral plate condenser heat transfer area per unit volume is big, the heat transfer coefficient is high, the cooling water flow rate of 1 - 1 of 3 m/s, the heat transfer coefficient is 945 - 1023 W/( m,℃) 。

spiral plate ling condenser has the advantage of small volume, light weight, high heat transfer coefficient, under the same working conditions, spiral plate condenser heat transfer coefficient of tube and shell condenser comparable increase around 500 IC. The downside is bearing

pressure is limited, manufacturing complex, chilled water resistance and the internal not easy to clean, to the water quality requirement of the cooling water is higher.

plate condenser

the first plate heat exchanger is mainly in food, medicine, chemical industry, because of its high heat transfer coefficient, compact structure, easy unpick and wash, so it is more and more widely used. In recent years, the start application of plate heat exchanger in the refrigeration device.

plate condenser heat transfer elements are pieces of sheet metal stamping forming. As shown in figure 6 5, jin rushed with corrugated heat exchange plate to strengthen heat transfer, a lot of heat exchange plate stacked deposit welding die together, hot plate and the change of the hot plate asked around people must have the shape of the sealing ring, kept a certain distance between heat transfer plate, a industrial ice machine and cooling water flow. Fluid in the heat exchange plate between the processes can be according to the specific situation of parallel, series, and mixed, use parallel flow in the cooling device. from the plate condenser of the upper right, after the bligh condensation heat exchange plate into condensate flow to the bottom of the condenser, and from the lower right side of the plate condenser flows into the accumulator. Cooling water from the lower left side of board type condenser to enter, and after heat exchange plate heat transfer from the left side of the condenser.
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