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Shenzhen opening tomorrow, Tian Feng industrial cold water machine into a pre-show hot spots

CHTF opening tomorrow, low carbon industrial cold water machine into a pre-show hot

recently chi are learning through high-tech craft effect within China & ndash; — China's most authoritative high-tech efficacy was born, on a global scale, sponsored by the government the 10 ministries and commissions of the state, will be in shenzhen convention and exhibition central pavilion 8 great open, is the country to build the national and even global high-tech power efficiency centralized exhibition, business platform. This session of CHTF, face for & other; Five-year & throughout; Man plans to start implementing the laying foundation needs to & other Lead the transformation of science and technology, renovation drive growth & throughout; As the theme, further enrich the perfect CHTF business increase and crafts introduction of efficacy. Well-known is in China this year after the financial crisis era accelerate the transformation of economic growth to compile quite important a year. The same is also a & other; 11th five-year plan & throughout; Counsel's final year and for & other; Five-year & throughout; Counsel start an important year of laying foundation, each group will actively organize double revealed countries & other; 11th five-year plan & throughout; Study counsel in major r&d projects, foundation, frontier trade, science and technology of the people's livelihood, traditional craft refresh property of sample effect, enrich the flash of science and technology in the handle and lead to continued growth, improvement and progress and people's livelihood, etc get significant results. Moreover on the one hand, this year, shenzhen reveal will focus on new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, biological craft, the Internet, new material and other strategic emerging property growing important effect, including low carbon economic growth will become a major bright spot.

as an expert of Chinese mechanical low-carbon refrigeration solutions are also actively cooperate with coherent part (the relevant issues. Enterprise, told reporters, director of the coherent & other; In the past two years, for low carbon, the topic of the weather change has known, out in the last year after the Copenhagen conference, low-carbon has is the world's biggest match the topic. Growth of low carbon economy is a global economic revolution and the property information revolution in the future, once again, system transformation, was also seen as supervise and urge the new source of global economic revival. So the CHTF important promoting theme of cut & other; New energy and energy conservation and environmental protection exhibition & throughout; , supervise and urge the growth of China's low carbon environmental protection property, in order to further display its CHTF booster strategic emerging property growth and upgrade the traditional property. For enterprises, we must first understand what is a low carbon economy, low carbon economy is really to low energy consumption, low transmission, low emission for root growth pattern, different from ChouXi high consumption, high growth, seeking the size of the core theory of GDP. The quality of low carbon economy and policy, is the state or minimal impact in ensuring economic growth, under the condition of land unit GDP energy consumption, reduce overall energy consumption. Make clear that this is a talent doubly useful enough to do a good job of coherent research produce production.
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