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The ice shape of Bingquan Snowflake is mainly fine particles, and the water content is about 15%-25%. The temperature of the whole ice cube is below zero. This type of ice shape is relatively easy to operate, and the gap between the ice cubes is relatively small. The cooling rate is relatively fast, so it is widely used in laboratory, medical, agricultural, forestry, and fishery experiments. But which type of snowflake cbfi ice machine is suitable for laboratory use? How to select the ice storage capacity of the laboratory snowflake ice maker: 1: If the time period for the employees in the laboratory to fetch the ice is the same, the ice storage capacity should be increased. For example, if a 60kg ice maker is used, the normal ice storage capacity is about 25kg, and the ice is taken at the same time. If the demand is insufficient, the ice storage capacity needs to be increased or the cbfi ice machine equipment needs to be replaced. 2: The time for laboratory personnel to take ice is not within a certain period of time. Under normal circumstances, the equipment with normal ice storage capacity can be selected. For example, when using a 60 kg ice maker, the normal ice storage capacity is about 25 kg. If ice is not taken at the same time, it can satisfy normal use. According to years of sales experience, the number of laboratories determines the amount of ice production: the number of laboratories ice production is 1-5 people 30-40kg/24h5-10 people 50-70kg/24h10-20 people 90-120kg/24h20 people and more 200- 300kg/24h and more than 500kg/24h in multiple laboratories related reading: What should I do if the snowflake ice making compressor stops operating and does not make ice
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