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Shanghai cold water factory home advantage

To: and you talk about Shanghai cold water factory home advantage! Another year in the summer, hot temperature, cold water machine equipment use also more frequently, therefore is necessary for the maintenance of maintenance! For many factories, cold water machine the importance of nearby principle and advantages of choose and buy is increasingly obvious.

buy cold water machine, of course, choose to have rich production experience and strength of the old factory, located in the Yangtze river delta region, the economic prosperity of Shanghai, it has been ten years of experience in production and research and development, and has a number of refrigeration equipment industry technical experts, cited Germany's advanced technology, can provide customers with complete technology solutions, a full range of products. And the professional, considerate, timely after-sales service and provide operation video equipment.

Shanghai cold water factory equipment:

1 host Japan new imported brand compressor, high accuracy, stable and reliable performance,

2 electrical parts for brand & other; Schneider & throughout; Factory product, ensure the machine work stability, long life;

3 imported Italian factory and domestic & other; Throughout the south &; Water pump, large flow, high efficiency, long and durable;

4 equipped with imported precision type digital temperature controller, digital display water temperature, can accurately control temperature & plusmn; 1 ℃, set temperature 5 ℃ range & ndash; 35℃;

5 high quality stainless steel of heavy plate in evaporator, the built-in automatic filling water device, convenient cleaning maintenance;

6 cooling chillers cold type, composed of fin and procession of brass, used when making secondary flanging fin mechanical pipe up;

7 industrial production lines and advanced heat exchanger, guarantee the quality and efficient, alarm device is equipped with automatic control and protection, fault signal output;

8 static plastic spraying enclosure, European design, beautiful and easy;

9 plate adopt quick disassembling form cold water machine appearance, convenient operation and maintenance;

10 built-in security protection, low noise, energy saving and durable;

small industrial ice machine

the original: industrial instruments, http://www. tfyqchina。 cn
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