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Several chiller compressor faults

After-sales, simple summarizes some common cold water machine failure problem, can be roughly divided into four categories:

a, compressor fault:

1. First check whether the compressor can normal boot, test voltage compressor is normal.

2. If the voltage is normal, testing the static resistance. Whether the static resistance voltage balance and stability. If the resistance unbalance, see if short circuit power plant. If there is a problem winding. Resistance stability, to see if the temperature of the compressor is stable. If the temperature is too high, the cooling for a period of time. 2 - Three hours to try again.

3. If normal, see whether bearing health.

2, noisy compressor.

1. Check whether the screw compressor is firm, is there any slippage, collapse.

2. The test current is stable. Whether is too high.

3. If the volume of injection compressor is too big, see compressor cooling effect, whether from overheating.

4. To see if there is a reversal of the compressor. Whether the compressor has been aging damage.

3, vacuum exhaust pressure is insufficient.

1. If it is found that vacuum exhaust pressure is low or high, generally is the issue of water industrial ice machine system.

2. Exhaust pressure low, defrosting system is normal, if you are there will be noise defrosting, belongs to the normal situation.

4, current

1. Current inspection can not only in the compressor, the motor voltage is stable.

2. Check valve, oil content, this kind of original is normal.

cold water machine the compressor configuration, is the core of the chiller and the heart, a top priority. Protection and maintenance, testing for wipes are very important. The user must pay attention to the protection of the compressor, please. There is a problem, please contact us.
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