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Service commitment provided by Bingquan refrigeration equipment


Changshu Bingquan ice-making equipment manufacturers adhere to the service standards of 'high quality, fast speedp>

I. Purpose of the manufacturer's after-sales service:

(1) Provide users with continuous, fast service and build a service brand.

(2) Establish a complete service network to provide users with professional, standardized, diversified, and productized services.

(3) User-centered and user satisfaction as the standard to measure all work

2. The identification of the warranty period:

The manufacturer’s product quality assurance The period starts from the date of purchase of the product, with one year free warranty and two years free warranty on compressors. The customer needs to provide the original purchase certificate of the product (such as an invoice or a valid purchase certificate, etc.); if the original purchase certificate cannot be provided during the warranty period, the product will be guaranteed in accordance with the paid fee standard.

Three. Replacement and maintenance:

Replacement: After the product is purchased within a one-month replacement period, if non-equipment compatibility problems or non-human damage are found In case of product quality problems, the manufacturer or its authorized service station product replacement service; (The manufacturer only replaces the main body of the product, and accessories, materials, packaging boxes, etc. are not within the scope of replacement. Replacement products are limited to new products or those with normal functions and the same model capacity. Good product; if the product model purchased by the customer has been discontinued during the replacement period, the replacement product will be limited to products of different models and the same capacity)

Repair: If the product is found to be free of charge during the warranty period after purchase In case of product quality problems within the scope, the manufacturer or its authorized service station product maintenance service

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