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Senior Chinese caterpillar fungus, examine our Chinese caterpillar fungus the lyophilizer

Since our company launched a patented product - - Cordyceps sinensis dedicated lyophilizer ( Hereinafter referred to as: cordyceps lyophilizer) ! There are Chinese caterpillar fungus, to visit our sample. Last week after a xinjiang customer through sample, direct purchase our 3 special cordyceps freeze drying machine ( Type: TF - HFD - 4) , this week have cp customer Courier door-to-door investigation, also have a plenty of samples to see effect of lyophilization.

small make up specially compiled, Chinese caterpillar fungus, sample process, hope everybody can get relevant information, freeze-dried caterpillar fungus and exploration on the side of the lyophilizer we caterpillar fungus.

in early may, a Chinese caterpillar fungus from sichuan, through the understanding, know that we have independent research and development of patented products - - - - - - - The lyophilizer Chinese caterpillar fungus, and it has been 12 years of experience in research and development and production. And can give the Chinese caterpillar fungus cordyceps trader freeze-drying process, and we can guarantee the effect of cordyceps freeze-drying process to make: shape, color and controlled water content. This is a lot to do freeze drying factory house can't guarantee.

the customer arriving this on the afternoon of May 12, we inspect sample.

a, see first the caterpillar fungus in freeze-drying ( Other Chinese caterpillar fungus, express delivery sample)

2, see the effect of the freeze-dried after good, took out a batch of Chinese caterpillar fungus. But this quantity HFD - to us 4 cp lyophilizer ( Four tray) Also is the amount of a freeze-dried.

now the client caterpillar fungus is in freeze-dried, follow-up with new pictures for you
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