Semiconductor laser machine use in cold water

by:CBFI     2020-10-09
Semiconductor laser over a long time after work, its internal will produce a certain quantity of heat, and with the accumulation of time, the high temperature will affect the work of semiconductor laser. When work, so the laser produces large amounts of heat energy, the need for cooling. Ever have added in the semiconductor laser fan to cool the temperature within the semiconductor laser on but the fan, the temperature within the semiconductor laser is very high, cooling effect is not good, so can't meet the requirements of the temperature of the semiconductor laser.
and with the continuous development of the cold water machine, and is gradually widely used in the field of laser. The use of a semiconductor laser with cold water machine for semiconductor laser cooling, improve the efficiency of the cooling, fully meet the requirements of the working temperature of semiconductor laser, guarantee the normal work of the semiconductor laser, prolong its service life.

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