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Selective absorption coating for solar solid absorption ice maker


  The efficiency of the solar collector directly affects the performance of the solar refrigeration system, and the efficiency of the solar flat panel collector depends on the performance of the selective absorption coating.

  In previous prototypes, imported selective absorbent membranes were used. The selective absorbent film is expensive, which limits its use in solar refrigeration systems. In the new prototype, a selective absorption coating is used, which achieves the performance index of the selective absorption membrane, which greatly reduces the cost of the prototype.

  Operation results

   In August 1993, the Institute of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics completed the testing of a new generation of solar solid absorption ice maker. The experimental results show that on days with good solar radiation, the daily ice output of the solar ice maker has been increased from 2kgm-2 of the original prototype to 3.5kgm-2. The performance of the prototype has been greatly improved and the cost is reduced.


  The new generation of solar solid absorption cbfi ice machine adopts new additives to strengthen the heat and mass transfer process in the porous solid absorbent and overcome the solid absorption refrigeration system The disadvantage of slow heat and mass transfer. After replacing the Freon cooling circuit with natural ventilation cooling, it not only reduces environmental pollution, but also reduces costs, and achieves a better cooling effect. The domestic selective absorption coating is used to replace the imported selective absorption membrane, which reduces the cost of the prototype. The operating results of the solar ice maker show that the performance of the new generation prototype has been greatly improved, thus laying the foundation for the commercial application of solar refrigeration systems.

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