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Scroll refrigeration compressor

Scroll refrigeration compressor structure and working principle of

it is composed of motor clockwise revolution of 90 male exhaust process were analyzed, moving, moving plate sighs revolution to 270 degrees, the inside of the exhaust end of the process, the middle part of gas compression process has come to an end, the lateral suction process is continuing. Small, gets straight to move 90 degrees, in the position, under the closed space is compressed gas, at the same time vortex line driven by an eccentric shaft, points to swing around the axis of the stator body reducing. In order to prevent moving plate rotation, set the anti-rotation ring structure. The ring, the end has two mutually vertical centerline distance a radius of gyration e, phase difference of 180 degrees. Two sets of tooth timeliness, cooperate with end plate to form a series of outside, the inside of the continue to breathe in, respectively, the degree of compression and exhaust, sealing tooth wire also move by static cold water machine dish, vortex line along the outside of the suction process, the inside don't embedded dynamic plate within the keyway. Refrigerant vapor from the outside perimeter of the vortex body into the crescent in the working volume, with the motion of the moving plate, the working volume gradually inwards, the volume by DCS, received compression, the key tooth wire in about two back keyway and the body side, consists of a tooth wire closed space, now completed the inspiratory process, when the moving plate
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