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Screw water cold water machine

Screw type cold water machine, water Fluid analysis

why regular oil analysis?

help reduce maintenance costs

in the case of not open compressor found problems

to extend the service life of oil filled by

to reduce oil use environmental problems brought by the

to help improve the efficiency and reliability of the compressor

help decrease the leakage of industrial ice machine

oil analysis

every year on the system overall analysis

measure to determine whether the filter need to be replaced oil pressure drop

the measuring filling

industrial ice machine filling

if necessary, check the filling quantity and cleanliness

measurement of extreme heat and cold

recommended maintenance

appointing qualified water handler

when necessary cleaning condenser tube bundle ( Water cooling)

clean water side mesh

every 3 years test tube

when it is necessary to clean the condenser coil ( Air cooling)

special design requirements:

such as oil analysis according to need, to change oil

replace oil filter regularly

change regularly filter drier

every year cleaning oil net

every year check bearing

every year check each joint

every 2 - Change oil seal for 4 years.

every 5 - 10 years compressor teardown check

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