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Screw water chillers

On the market most of the condenser and evaporator of screw water chiller all belong to pressure vessel, the unit of high pressure relief valve installed on the condenser ontology, once the unit is in abnormal working environment, can automatic pressure relief valve, in order to prevent the high pressure may cause harm to human body. So the safety valve calibration for the safety of the whole units is very important. Chiller in the process of non-stop operation one year, more or less there will be some sundries, and attached to the evaporator, condenser, cooling tower water system or filter, frozen oil will have pollution, such will affect water chiller refrigeration effect, therefore, we need the water chiller to an annual maintenance, not only can improve the working efficiency of the chiller in a timely manner, and it can prolong the service life of water chiller. After the industrial ice machine filling, can carry out load test. Because in recent years, the screw water chiller in terms of performance and electric control has made considerable progress, many of the screw refrigeration units in a formal before starting to do simulation test, electric control system of main unit that the host is not electricity, electricity control system, and then through the unit interior set, to test the electric control system of the unit, the component is running normally. If the electric control system, what problems can be solved in a timely manner. Finally, on the host power supply, for debugging. Cold water in the evaporator should be circulating, otherwise will be because of the cold water temperature is low, causing the cold water temperature protection device for parking, or due to the evaporation temperature and the corresponding evaporating pressure is too low, is a low voltage protection device action of the chiller and parking, even bring cold water ice in the evaporator and damage to equipment.
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