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Screw water chiller with lithium bromide chiller selection coal-fired power plants

In recent years, the author place unit with such a large number of foreign power plant project, engineering each are not identical, the local environment, climate characteristics and the domestic environment, climate characteristics and the owners of the requirements of the indoor temperature, humidity of air conditioning room also has difference, combined with an Indonesian below 1 x100mw self-provided power plant project design experience and lessons, according to the engineering characteristics of the local environment, analyzing and comparing the scheme selection of cold source of power plant electrical floor air conditioning system.

  1. Electrical control building cold source schemes choose

according to the information provided, the basic meteorological parameters are as follows: the power plant design environment dry bulb temperature is 32 ℃, wet bulb temperature 28 design environment. Largest 3 ℃, relative humidity 90%, maximum rainfall 60 mm/hr, basic wind pressure, 40 kg/m2. Electric control floor of each room features as follows: between the inverter room, low voltage transformer room, electronic equipment, medium voltage transformer room and 33 kvgis transformer room, etc. Electrical control building interior design parameters shown in the table below:

water cooled screw chiller and lithium bromide chiller is one of the common cold source of air conditioning system, its each has its advantages and disadvantages. Now analysis is as follows:

1. The characteristics of a water cooled screw chiller

1. 1. 1 advantage

a. Due to the direct water cooled screw chiller powered by electricity, general product can effect comparing is more than 4, is a kind of energy-saving products.

  b. Initial investment of equipment, no special room, can be directly placed on the roof or a ceiling.

  c. Design life is high, service life long, the energy attenuation can be ignored.

  1. 1. 2 disadvantages

water cooled screw chiller powered by electricity, for electricity shortage region, the unit price is higher, causing the machine running costs are relatively high.

  1. 2 the characteristics of lithium bromide chiller

1. 2. 1 advantage

a. Lithium bromide chiller refrigerants for water, it is less pollution to the environment, and the price cheap industrial ice machine.

  b. Lithium bromide chiller available ( Waste) Hot steam or directly powered by fuel oil or gas, realize the refrigeration infinitely ring, the demand for electricity is not big, only need electricity to drive solution and solvent pump. Reason for power resources more nervous, the product has the advantage of larger, and run the energy cost is relatively lower screw water chiller.

  1. 2. Two shortcomings

a. Because lithium bromide solution used in air, have strong corrosive to ordinary carbon steel, make the equipment in the use of time more obvious energy attenuation, which reduces the whole sets of actual refrigerating effect, influence the use effect, and reduces the service life of the unit.

  b. Normal maintenance emissions of LiBr aqueous solution to environmental pollution and the equipment cost is higher, big initial investment cost.

  c. Because the unit working under high vacuum, air infiltration, practice has proved that even if only trace amounts of air infiltration, will seriously affect the performance of the unit, therefore, the unit for sealing is very demanding.

  d. Device equipped with dedicated room (bulky appearance, needed Fuel type will need to be equipped with a dedicated terminal) 。

  e. Lithium bromide chiller requirement is high, the quality of the water in cooling water and cooling water dosage general 1 for water cooled screw chiller. About 5 times, for fresh water resources is relatively lack of area, investment and operation cost is higher.

in addition, the electric refrigeration can make below 0 ℃ cold water, a wide range, and lithium bromide chiller can only make more than 4 ℃ cold water, narrow. Lithium bromide units structure is complicated, inevitably leads to poor reliability, and difficult to maintain.

  2. Summary

review the above comparison, water cooled screw chiller reliability is higher, and after many years of successful application in coal-fired power plant electrical construction cold source of air conditioning system, air conditioning host has become by far the most popular. So the self-provided power plant of Indonesia's electric floor also adopts the water cooled screw chiller, as the first selection of air conditioning cold source.
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