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Screw water chiller refrigeration compressor characteristics

Screw water chiller refrigeration compressor features: when to compress industrial ice machine, mercury will often send a lot of lubricating oil, therefore, this kind of compressor is often must set up the oil separator, so that you can will return to tank as much as possible of lubricating oil. Screw compressor use compressor internal pressure difference, rather than relying on oil lubricating oil to all moving parts of the compressor, mercury can also be lubricating oil storage tank at the same time, with the aid of its own gravity into lubricating oil seal. This part of the lubricating oil and exhaust pipe with hot steam separation, and through the oil cooler to return to the storage pool.

if there is too much oil into the system, the evaporator of the heat exchange effect will be lost and lead to a big drop in system capacity. The ideal position of lubricating oil and industrial ice machine separated should on the exhaust pipe. Despite the cold water vendors would take a different way, but all of these different methods of oil separation of the oil separation device.

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