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Screw water chiller compressor oil return not free and their effects

Screw water chiller is a kind of cold water machine, named for the compressor is screw compressor. Screw water chiller is a kind of high-power cryogenic cooling refrigeration units, can be widely used in industrial plants, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, office and other kinds of industrial and civil building environment air conditioning system.

if the screw in the process of using cold water machine, air compressor oil return not free:

the first: can lead to appear a large number of lubricating oil retention in the evaporator pipes, when the oil film increased 0. 1 mm will directly affect the cooling system;

the second: screw chillers oil shortage cannot run, need to constantly add lubricating oil, and this leads to the oil in the system, create a vicious cycle, increase the operation cost, lower reliability. Under normal circumstances, the industrial ice machine gas flow rate is less than 1% of oil and gas mixture in circulation is allowed in the system.

by the impact, the poor once the screw water chiller compressor oil return, is very trouble, how to solve the screw water chiller compressor oil return, from analysis to solve the following reasons.

screw water chiller compressor oil return the cause of the poor mainly appeared in the process of running, lubricating oil and industrial ice machine gas mixture occur. Confirm use not false oil under the premise, if oil separator effect is not good or bad system design will result in poor separation effect and the system back to oil scarcity.

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