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Screw water chiller common failures and solutions

Screw water chiller or screw unit, the common failures and solutions, cold water vendors would arrange for you as follows:

a, exhaust temperature is too high,

1) Compression is larger;

2) The oil temperature is too high;

3) Breathe in serious overheating, or bypass valve leakage;

4) Lack of fuel injection quantity.

the solution:

(1) to reduce the exhaust pressure, reduce the load.

2. Cleaning oil cooling, lower water temperature or increasing the amount of water.

(3) increase the amount of feed liquid, strengthen inspiratory insulation, check the by-pass pipe.

4. Check the oil pump and oil pipeline.

5. Overhaul the machine.

2, compressor running after automatic stop

1) Automatic protection Settings is not appropriate;

2) Control circuit fault;

3) Motor overload.

the solution:

(1) check and adjust the set value.

2. Check the circuit, eliminate the malfunction.

3. Check the reason and eliminate.

3, inspiratory pressure too low

1) Low evaporation temperature, heat transfer temperature difference;

2) Insufficient system industrial ice machine;

3) For the liquid valve opening; Back to the trachea way too much resistance;

4) The suction valve opening or failure;

5) Suction filter dirty or ice block.

the solution:

1) overhaul evaporator, increase the refrigerant flow, reduce the compressor load.

(2) leakage, filling refrigerant.

(3) increase for liquid, check the line.

4. Open the suction valve or check valve head.

(5) cleaning filter, remove the moisture.

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