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Screw water chiller

Screw water industrial ice machine - - Compressor: adopt international famous brand but asymmetric double screw compressor, the compressor to the current international most advanced type of screw compressor, performance is superior to the compressor and single screw compressor repeatedly, can effect comparing high, long service life ( Operating life of 100000 hours) , low failure rate, convenient maintenance, etc. Widely used in commercial air conditioning field;

screw water chiller - - Shell and tube condenser and evaporator: adopting the high efficient heat pipe, copper pipe wall dense rib, effectively increase the heat transfer area, and flow into the large temperature difference design concept, performance of generating unit to the maximum. Fully considering the groundwater contains a lot of sand and gravel, increasing heat exchange tube wall design, prolong service life.

screw water chiller - - Electric components: adopt international famous brand products, more than one million times a mechanical life, ensure the safe use of the unit; The intelligent controller has high precision, control accuracy, high efficiency and energy saving.

screw water chiller - - Throttling device: the European and American brands of products, reliable performance, accurate control and more optional display electronic expansion valve, more precise control, high efficiency and energy saving.

all controlled by microcomputer controller, screw water chiller USES Germany Siemens PLC controller, intelligent accurately, realize a perfect control of the whole machine, so as to ensure the safe operation of the unit, and achieve the goal of effective energy saving, color touch-screen man-machine interface, simple to use, friendly interface, arbitrary switching in both English and Chinese picture.

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