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Screw refrigeration compressor

Screw refrigeration compressor is a type of rotary compressor, are important fittings for cold water machine. Due to its simple structure, less wearing parts, high speed, low exhaust temperature, is not sensitive to the wet compression, has good capacity adjustment characteristics and a series of advantages, is widely used in cold storage refrigeration, air conditioning, chemical industry, light industry and other fields.

the basic components of screw refrigeration compressor with Yang rotor, rotor Yin, body, bearing, shaft seal, balance piston and energy control device. Compressor working cylinder volume by the rotor tooth, the cylinder body and suction exhaust sitting pose. Suction side and cylinder walls have inspiratory mouth open, air exhaust end seat body and cylinder wall also open a vent, and not like a piston compressor suction, exhaust valve. Suction, exhaust the size and location of the carefully designed to calculate and determine the. With the rotation of the rotor, suction, exhaust outlet according to need accurate rotor tooth and suction, exhaust cavity connected or partition, periodic complete air intake, compression, exhaust process.

the function of injection is the cooling cylinder wall, reduce exhaust temperature, lubrication rotor, and in oil film seal between the rotor and cylinder wall, decrease the mechanical noise. Screw compressor operation, because in the rotor generate large axial force, balance must adopt measures, is usually set on the two rotor shaft thrust bearing. In addition, Yang on the rotor axial force is bigger, also equipped with balance piston to be balanced.

screw compressor use of Yin and Yang are a pair of spiral rotor tooth movement, cyclical changes in the size of the cylinder volume, as well as the rotor axial suction mouth lateral to the vent, the industrial ice machine steam inhalation and compression to the back pressure.
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