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Screw compressor water chillers

In the larger capacity of the chiller, almost all the major manufacturers adopt screw compressor. This is a kind of using high pressure industrial ice machine larger capacity of the chiller and screw compressor can not only mercury send large capacity of refrigerants, and the moving member is very little, this kind of compressor is a kind of variable displacement compressor, and with a small amount of liquid industrial ice machine flow and does not harm the compressor itself characteristic, it is completely unlike reciprocating compressor shall not be any number of liquid industrial ice machine. The capacity of the screw compressor range 50 - 700 tons of cold. This kind of compressor is not only reliable operation, and almost won't appear any fault.

screw compressor has semi-hermetic screw compressor and outside drive screw compressor, when the displacement type screw compressor for direct drive type, it must be in the main shaft through the compressor housing. Have in outage season, shaft seal shaft drying, so during this period should be started on a regular basis understand displacement compressor, the shaft seal is lubrication.

screw compressor capacity control is often used to inhale vapor seal before the suction of the lubrication, the slide valve is usually within a system of differential drive, most of this kind of compressor are use lubricated in valve mouth moving step by step to achieve 10% 100% of capacity adjustment, this method of unloading and through a cylinder or two cylinder unloading method implementation step-by-step capacity control of reciprocating compressor is totally different.

as shown in figure: screw chillers

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