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Screw chillers customer fault cases and solutions

Screw water chiller is one of the cold water machine, in industrial cooling, screw chillers with its excellent performance has been widely applied. But in practice, some users to the screw chiller is a lack of professional knowledge, does not pay attention to also don't know how to maintain such equipment, so often appear because of compressor current is too large, high exhaust pressure and make the equipment failure downtime phenomenon, make the production cannot be stable.

1, screw chillers,
a company's existing customers breakdown case is used to power a compressor 60 horse of screw chillers failed. When the water chiller is up and running to 100% load, high pressure gauge display of 19. 8 kg pressure, which is 1. 98 mpa, low pressure gauge display of 7. 1 kg pressure, namely zero. 71 mpa, cooling water outlet temperature is 42 ℃. At this point, the chiller operating pressure operation pressure is much higher than standard conditions. Water, cold water machine the normal operation of the pressure value should be: high pressure for 13 ~ 15 kg, back to the low pressure gas for 3 ~ 6 kg. Use pliers type current meter measured the compressor running current is 102 a, its normal rated current is 84 a, running current excess 21%, unit operation less than 10 min happens compressor overload alarm and shutdown, user production almost paralyzed.
2, fault solution
through the analysis, the causes of compressor current is too large, high exhaust pressure is due to the condenser fouling product of too much water, cooling system, so the heat exchange efficiency is bad, can't take away the heat of the industrial ice machine in the condenser, so you need to clean the cooling system.

the method is to add detergent in cooling water first, open the cooling water pump for the cycle 2 h, and make the pipe condenser in scale to soften. Then put the water after dry open the two ends of the condenser end cover ( The unit is shell and tube condenser) With special cleaning brush of condensation copper pipe in pipe cleaning, each of the copper tube after repeatedly wash rinse off with clear water. Then clean the cooling tower, mud and debris in the bottom pot clean, put the two ends of the condenser end cover into the water after recovery, according to the sample open cooling water pump to circulate in the system more than ten minutes to put the clean. Repeat twice to dilute residual detergent for condensing system, prevent the descaling agent on metal pipeline corrosion. Finally to the cooling water system filled with water, cooling water system is clean. After cleaning the cooling water system, restart the chiller, water chiller such as load to 100% load, high pressure gauge shows can be found for 15 kg pressure, low pressure gauge is shown as 5. 5 kg pressure, cooling water outlet temperature of 4 ℃ at this time. With a clip-on ammeter measured compressor running current fluctuations in around 84 a.

so, current dropped rating, compressor exhaust pressure and temperature of the water and returned to normal. After the repair, and run again after a period of time without alarm downtime fault phenomenon, successfully eliminated the company running failure problems when using water chiller. In order to prevent such failures happen again, it is recommended that the regular maintenance and maintenance of the chiller, the water chiller smooth, stable operation, to ensure that the user's production run smoothly.

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