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san antonio mother accused of taping child to ice machine booked in bexar county jail

According to prison records, a police officer said that a mother had been missing from San Antonio for more than a year after tying her child to an ice machine and was placed in Bexar County on Tuesday.
In November, 43-year-old Michelle Rod Boyd was found at a hospital in North Carolina, and more than a year ago she was last seen with her daughter on riggby Avenue 4500
According to the affidavit of arrest, 2016.
Authorities say the employee caught Boyd\'s attempt to steal, but she left the store with her daughter before the police arrived.
Boyd allegedly stuffed a towel in the child\'s mouth and tied her to an ice machine before she disappeared.
The family is concerned about the mental breakdown of Boyd, who police believe is missing.
Authorities have arrested Boyd because she was hospitalized as an \"unknown woman\" at wycomid hospital in Raleigh.
She reportedly refused to give her name to the nurse.
Boyd was accused of abandoning a child.
Her bail is $15,000.
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