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Rushing the lyophilizer lubricating oil system

Now in the process of the development of the lyophilizer, from the special requirements of small, to a batch of industrial production, has been the evolution of a quantity, in the process of development and application of the lyophilizer refrigeration system out of the lubricating oil dropped is not economic, generally adopted the practice of physical or chemical regeneration. The regeneration of the lubricating oil viscosity and other performance not as good as new drink slip, in order to guarantee the good performance of the refrigeration compressor and longer service life, often mix reclaimed oil and new oil use, in the current use of refrigeration systems mostly adopt the method of physical processing oil, Chen physical regeneration system is simple, has a good effect of regeneration, and chemical complex method measuring device, operation of trouble. Therefore, here only introduce a physical method of the birth.

production-oriented lyophilizer system by precipitation barrels of oil, oil container, this round of oil pump, green oil, cleaning tank, precipitation of vertical barrel barrel is welded with steel plates, easy to open with a lid and bottom made cone, the lower set control valves, to discharge the dirt after precipitation, barrel with electric heating or steam heating, the lateral set oil level indicator, nearly tubing casks, barrels of some flowline, lower fuel reservoir to the pump suction provides a suction head, at the same time can prevent the pump suction sediment, oil surface mounted on the oil container packed with WuShuiKou, air permeability, oil filter is made of steel square or cylindrical container, internal filter composed of multilayer flannelette or felt, when he has too much dirt accumulation can be cleaned apart

by tubing or compressor crankcase oil free first precipitation into barrels, in which the separation by heating oil dissolved in water and other gas composition, through precipitation barrels of larger particles of impurities by gravity sedimentation on the bottom of the barrel, and the precipitation and heating effect of lubricating oil into the oil container under gravity, and thus provides pressure oil pump wheel, the lubricating oil forced through the filter, the clean oil side are stored in the tank for later use
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