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Rushing the lyophilizer liquid nitrogen refrigeration technology

Rushing the lyophilizer has a kind of liquid nitrogen refrigeration technology a few parts.

under the rapid freezing, because of the freezing rate is high, low temperature, the cells inside and outside the moisture of fold out almost at the same time a large number of crystal nucleus, forming small needle guard uniform distribution, thus greatly weakened or basically to avoid freezing expansion caused by freezing, thawing, although inevitably have a SAP after erosion but much less compared with slow frozen. Therefore, quick-frozen food thawed land and flavor more. So how to improve the freezing rate is the key to improve the quality of products, is also the purpose of the study of food freezing mechanism.

the current application and drying machine, the most commonly used quick-freezing equipment has the contact plate freezer, blowing a half sister to freezer machine spiral freezer, the quick-freezing equipment all adopt mechanical refrigeration system, using freon as refrigerants, freezing temperature is commonly - 30 - - 40℃。 Frozen food by low temperature freezing system, freezing temperature is low, because of fast freezing and the short time. But due to carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen as a freezing medium, the temperature, respectively 78. 47 ℃ and - 196 degrees Celsius. Frozen food by low temperature freezing system, freezing temperature first, because of fast freezing and the short time. But because of the purity of carbon dioxide problem, the application of this device is not very extensive. Liquid nitrogen is non-toxic, deadweight, colorless, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) first, polluting the environment etc, has the advantages of other industrial ice machine can not than you. Because of the price is more expensive liquid nitrogen, the high cost of frozen food, liquid nitrogen speed device in a home is not popular, with the development of air separation technology for the sharp rise in liquid nitrogen product quantity, the price also tend to be cheap, liquid nitrogen refrigeration technology and equipment will be in the speed of food industry has a broad prospect.

liquid nitrogen refrigeration technology application is very extensive and prescient, as the future application of inert gas, the popularity of nitrogen, will improve the refrigeration industry and the prospect of the future.
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