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Rushing the lyophilizer biological experiments

Frozen food is using modern freezing technology in the shortest possible time, in the square the lyophilizer, food temperature down to its freezing point once the tone of the cold storage temperature, making it the most or all of the moisture inside the food quantity of heat of formation of ice crystals scattered outside, to reduce the needed in life activities and biochemical changes of liquid water.

in the freezing process, food in the SAP analyzing ice crystals, liquid into a solid, liquid - Solid phase transformation. Ice crystal to crystal nucleus as the center, the surrounding water is water vapor migrating to the crystal nucleus, ice crystals grow up gradually. The formation of ice crystals accompanied by a series of physical, chemical and biochemical changes. To successfully frozen food, study the nature of the change machine features is very useful, is also very important.

in the formation of ice crystals, the freezing speed is a very key factor. In the process of slow freezing, cells in the inland waters branch produce dehydrated to outside the cell migration, and formed in the extracellular space bulky columnar crystals. This is because the slow freezing and ice crystal nucleus in the first solution concentration lower production of crystal nuclei in the extracellular space, then the water molecules gradually gathered around the crystal nucleus formation of ice crystals, at this time, due to moisture inside the cell to cell migration and cell solution concentration increased, the freezing point temperature is reduced, in the cold. And slow frozen ice crystal formation in the early years of state is not stable, continued to slow frozen cooling can produce ice crystals in the process of modern phenomenon, that is part of the tiny ice crystals hours, and large ice crystals increased gradually and preserved. When the water turns into ice, volume expansion increases about 9%, which increases the ice crystals of intracellular extrusion, saw the cell combined with face and cell membrane crowded broken, deformation, thereby causing loss to the cellular machinery. Due to square the lyophilizer cells in the process of slow freezing dehydration, make cell colloid unstable and therefore, the thawing generated when the composition such as moisture can no longer live protein and starch to combine, yuanyang, and freeze the lost moisture is difficult to go back to the cell after thawing, causing damage of dehydration.

food square lyophilizer rapid cooling, drops the way to absorb moisture, separated from the cell directly, good degree of reduce the loss of nutrition, application of the lyophilizer temperature difference can be done more than 100 degrees, is one of the best choice for you to create high-end products.
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