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Royal jelly royal jelly freeze-drying machine and producing process

With the development of vacuum freeze drying technology, freeze and mechanism for the royal jelly producing was warmly welcomed by the health food market. Royal jelly of fresh royal jelly as main raw materials used for producing is vacuum freeze-drying technology at low temperature to produce a kind of natural health products, freeze drying of royal jelly producing in the maximum extent to ensure the nutrition of royal jelly, it is three times that of ordinary dry royal jelly royal jelly acid content.

royal jelly producing process:

1, in the production of royal jelly royal jelly in the first place when producing to add the same amount of pure water, and then to make filtering, to get rid of all the impurities. The pure royal jelly material can be directly on the brand of the lyophilizer food-grade tray, moved to freeze drying indoor for further processing.

2, dehydration frozen jelly need twelve hours of time, after dehydration and freezing of royal jelly is a block of solid material, then you need to crush it, after get the powder to screening, and then obtained is the royal jelly producing, if save the powder directly, need to immediately sealed to avoid it is exposed to air, if not directly save also can be made into royal jelly producing capsules or tablets.
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