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Rolling rotor type cold water machine

Rolling rotor type cold water machine

compressor has the special requirements of large cold water machine, certain models equipped with 2 or 3 large compressor. Large cold water machine according to the product characteristics, matching the rolling rotor type compressor.

for large and medium-sized rolling rotor compressor, the general made open. It is mainly composed of cylinder with cooling jacket, rotor, vane, cylindrical guide, exhaust valve, and other components of the thin elastic sleeve, sliding vane in the central cylinder. Sliding vane can slide in a cylindrical guide device, contact with the rotor side is equipped with sealing strip, rely on the spring will be at the top of vane pressure at the outer surface of the rotor, in order to enhance contact with the sealing. Rotor outside of a steel thin-wall elastic sleeve, sleeve drilling holes, in order to increase the sealing performance between the rotor and cylinder wall. Compressor shaft through the shaft coupling and motor directly connected, shaft out of the body parts with friction ring type mechanical seal device. This kind of compressor power is strong, good effect, long service life, reasonable layout easier for ventilation and heat dissipation.

the compressor lubrication is relying on the suction, exhaust pressure difference. Compressor starts, zhuang zai centrifugal valve is opened on the other end of the crankshaft, lubricating oil from the oil separator, the oil cooler, oil filter and centrifugal valve, respectively, of the into the surface of the lubrication and seal and then gathered at the bottom of the cylinder cavity, through floating ball valve into the compressor suction cavity, with the industrial ice machine vapor to the oil separator, oil separation down continue to recycle. Oil proof, corrosion resistance, multiple protection, security products and stable operation.

rolling rotor compressor and piston compressor, compared with a, less parts, simple structure, less wearing parts, reliable operation, no air suction valve, clearance volume small, high coefficient of gas ( If oil cylinder adopt spray cooling, low exhaust temperature, suitable for larger compression ratio and low evaporation temperature, the cold in the same circumstances, the compressor is small in size, light weight, stable operation) Machining precision demand is higher, the sealing line is longer, sealed performance is poor, leakage loss is bigger. Large industrial ice machine choice scroll refrigeration compressor rotor type, is advantageous to the cold water machine working smoothly and cooling effect.

keep pace with The Times, with rolling rotor cold water machine, put the heart of the cold water machine & ndash; Compressor comprehensive upgrade, more efficient, more environmental protection, lower temperature, the better price, let the cold water machine, an elegant & other; Heart & throughout; 。
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