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Review of the 2020 Annual Awards Ceremony from CBFI

Review of the 2020 Annual Awards Ceremony from CBFI


        On February 2, 2021, Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd. (R&D industrial and commercial ice machines, cold storage room)held the 2020 annual awards ceremony. It not only commends employees, managers and teams who have made outstanding contributions to the company's development in 2020, but also announced the appointment of titles and promotions. The president of the company, Mr. Yang Hongbo, delivered a concluding speech for the award ceremony. The award ceremony ended successfully in the solemn oath of staff.


       2020 is an extraordinary year, but also a year full of opportunities and challenges. Even under the influence of the epidemic, the company still achieved excellent results and fruitful results. With the joint efforts of all staff, we not only achieved the goals set at the beginning of the year, but also won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad. Among the many employees, a large number of outstanding persons, managers and teams have emerged. In this commendation, there are the mainstays who love their work and selfless dedication, and there are also passionate and energetic rising stars. They are down-to-earth, conscientious, interpreting the infinite enthusiasm for work with practical actions, realizing their life value in ordinary positions, and dedicating their light and passion.

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       At this awards ceremony, staff who have made contributions and breakthroughs in technical skills were awarded the certificates of primary, intermediate, and senior titles to recognize their craftsmanship for their hard work and breakthrough in technology.

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       A total of 14 employees have been promoted this year, distributed in foreign trade department, research and development department, marketing department, delivery system and other departments. From the moment they accepted the offer, they not only carried the glory and dreams of their team, but also shouldered more responsibilities and missions.


       Mr. Yang Hongbo, President of Icesource, took the stage and delivered a concluding speech for the award ceremony. In his speech, Mr. Yang  summarized the achievements of CBFI in 2020 and thanked staff for their efforts and contributions to the development of the company; at the same time, he also pointed out the current deficiencies of the company. In the new year, CBFI will continue to uphold the company's corporate values of "Customers Benefit From Icesource", be down-to-earth, diligent and diligent, check every detail of production and service work, and achieve the ultimate craftsmanship. Let CBFI become a unicorn in the refrigeration industry, let CBFI's products and services add luster to China's intelligent manufacturing, and let the world fall in love with China's intelligent manufacturing!

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      Finally, all staff stood up and solemnly swore:

Adhering to the CBFI spirit of "seeking truth, perfection, and happiness",

Loyal to the spirit of CBFI, loyal to CBFI's corporate values of "Customers Benefit From Icesource",

Be loyal to CBFI’s behavioral rules of “diligence, persistence, dedication, responsibility, and responsibility”,

I would like to be a person who creates value,

Contribute all my wisdom to the glory of CBFI

I am willing to accept the supervision of allCBFI colleagues.