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Resistance to acid and alkali water chiller

Cold water machine the application field is very broad, such fierce competition, it is destined to the cold water is survival development we must constantly self-improvement, to adapt to the demand of the market, to win the survival of the engines.

there are many large supporting industry, cold water machine from gloves, eyes, chemical, laser, etc. Here are a in specifically for the characteristics of the chemical industry & ndash; — Cold water machine of high corrosion. True and durable, stable, cold water machine.

the cold water machine adopts full stainless steel structure, any interface, compressor, plate, stainless steel material, oil, air valve all titanium steel quality, truly, treasures outside its, king kong. To ensure the quality of the cold water machine, at the same time, guarantee the stability of the production. Allows you to buy rest assured that with the more at ease.

the industrial ice machine cooling form is:

1, direct cooling: using the characteristics of acid and alkali resistant to cold water machine. According to the different situation, choose the most suitable liquid. Specific parameters can be called technical department.

2, indirect cooling: indirect cooling is the use of standard machine, cold water circulation system, stainless steel, titanium alloy in external links through cooling towers, cooling in liquid circulation. The technology can provide you with the most perfect solution, please inquire.

can achieve refrigeration two cooling way, but in terms of installation, indirect cooling significantly more complicated. Price is at a much higher indirect cooling, however, still want to look at the situation of the customer requirements and the specific conditions. In general, is ready to, to meet every customer, make each product, touched every time a satisfactory answer.
In the present growing world of emerging technology, the has demanding operation in various sectors like ice maker machine, ice maker machine, ice maker machine and many other industries at ice maker machine levels of manufacturing and designing.
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