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Remote monitoring system of screw water chiller

Screw water industrial ice machine remote monitoring system based on PLC as the control core, judging by the acquisition switch quantity of the unit of the unit operation condition, can collect water temperature and pressure signal, and is equipped with communication module to achieve remote monitoring. Introduced the scene monitoring and remote monitoring software structure and communication process.

screw water chiller remote monitoring system is composed of field monitoring system with remote monitoring computer, the system is connected to a remote computer through public telephone network, and access in the form of dial-up communications. Screw water chiller is to provide the cold water equipment, the working conditions of the system is to the unit and the real-time monitoring and control of temperature, pressure, water units divided into two parts, cold water system and the PLC control system, PLC is the control core of the unit, its main features include:
(1) acquisition of the unit operation condition of the generators switch signal to judge.

(2) the signal acquisition unit water temperature and pressure signal.

(3) the output switch signal control valve switch, the operation of the compressor unit.
PLC interconnection form a RS - 485 network. On-site monitoring by RS - computer The RS - 232 485 of the converter connected to the PLC network. Communication protocol adopts the Modbus protocol. The scene monitoring computer and remote monitor computer use Modem dial-up connection.

screw water chiller group of remote monitoring system for water well control, water production and water supply pipe network monitor. Can meet the requirements of water production, can adapt to all kinds of bad working environment, the water production process parameters measuring correctly, control stability, pipeline leak positioning accuracy, for the safe operation of the plant, improve the quality of water supply and saving energy and reducing consumption, etc play a key role. The be clear at a glance the PC interface of VB visual programming language is easy to operate. Equipment in system good communication and data transmission error rate is low, fault response in a timely manner. System USES a digital radio station combined with GPRS communication mode, operation cost is low, centralized water supply in small and medium-sized waterworks or town have higher use value in engineering, and with a little improvement can be widely used in other production process control.

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