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Regenerator packing on the system frequency characteristics

In the length of the regenerator is 46 mm, 50 mm from the end, working pressure of 0. 6 mp under the condition of experiment, get the frequency characteristic curve of different packing,

add hot plate after stack, frequency trend slightly change, but there is a little bad apple. And different fillers on the system working frequency still has certain influence. Found from the experimental data processing, glass wool MianHe steel wool in 600 ~ 800 hz between before and after the regenerator has a larger amplitude amplification, this shows that these two kinds of packing for Gao Ping miniature thermoacoustic refrigerator. Their sound pressure oscillation amplitude is smaller than the atc, and different. Its thermal efficiency difference between back side can from these packing structure to analyze its viscosity searches the relationship between layer and hot searches after.

regenerator location on the system frequency, the influence of the

in order to study the position of regenerator on the system frequency characteristics, the influence of each place the regenerator from the end of 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm. Shows the steel wool packing of regenerator distance frequency characteristics of 40 mm. And compared it can be seen that different location, different amplitude amplification, regenerator position though is near antinode, but still need to optimize the

the length of the regenerator's influence on the system frequency characteristics

in order to study the effect of the length of the regenerator system frequency characteristics, in experiments with 46 mm and 36 mm two length of regenerator, shows the result of the experiment, the length of the regenerator has influence to the oscillation amplitude, and resonance frequency slightly migration, in addition, work near the resonance frequency bandwidth, shorter regenerator with large working bandwidth. The study of miniature thermoacoustic refrigerator also shows that the length of the regenerator affect working frequency. 。
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