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Refrigeration technology development and improvement of the cold water machine

The latest development of cooling technology

modern refrigeration industry is in a period of rapid development. Rapid growth in market, the international competition, urgent requirement under the background of energy saving and environment protection, microelectronics and computer technology, new materials, and other related industry infiltration and promotion, have made some breakthrough in modern refrigeration technology and the new development prospect.

1) , the development of heat pump technology

as there are growing concerns on reasonable and efficient utilization of energy, refrigeration technology is no longer confined to obtain low temperature, and extended to get above ambient temperature of heat, the heat pump heating. The principle of heat pump cycle and refrigeration cycle, form is the same, just the purpose of the cycle, cycle working range of temperature is different. It absorbs heat from the environment medium, and its transfer to object is higher than the ambient temperature of the heating process. Using reverse circulation ability transformation not only can refrigeration, but also heating, and from the ability to use point of view, it is an effective way.

2) , computer application

the rapid development of computer technology, greatly promote the refrigeration technology development and application of is mainly used in the following aspects;

(1) computer aided design ( CAD) And computer-aided manufacturing ( CAM) Began to popularize and apply in the refrigerator production manufacturer.

(2) the application of computer simulation technology greatly reduced in the problems arised in the machine design, and equipment development of experimental work.

(3) the application of microelectronics and computer automatic control of refrigeration technology to produce qualitative leap, the best operation condition to adjust finely adjusted, compressor, evaporator for fluid volume energy adjustment, automatic defrost, safety protection and other process control is more ideal, humanization and intelligent.

(4) computer neural network fault diagnosis system used in refrigerator, makes the operation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment to intelligent direction.

5. Refrigeration equipment of production management, plan management, financial management, etc are also beginning to use the computer.
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