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Refrigeration system is the core of ice maker technology

1. Condenser Common refrigeration systems generally have three types of condensers according to different condensation methods: 1. Air-cooled condenser: Features: Air is used as a heat exchange medium and has a compact structure. The heat exchange temperature difference is generally 9~11℃, so the air-cooled refrigeration system has a higher discharge pressure and is generally suitable for medium and small refrigeration systems (the Tube Ice Machine is generally suitable for models below 5T). It is also commonly used in refrigeration systems where water is scarce. 2. Water-cooled condenser: most of the ice-making machines use shell and tube condensers. Features: water is used as the heat exchange medium, which is the most typical water-cooled condenser. The heat exchange temperature difference is generally 4~6℃, so the water-cooled refrigeration system has lower pressure discharge and high unit efficiency, which is generally suitable for large and medium-sized refrigeration systems. A typical water-cooled condensing system should be equipped with cooling water pumps, cooling towers and waterway accessories. 3. Evaporative condensers: different from the sensible heat exchange of water in traditional water-cooled condensers, evaporative condensers use the latent heat of evaporation of water to exchange heat, generally typical evaporative The working condition parameters of the condenser are: condensing temperature 38°C, wet bulb temperature 26°C, the system has high heat exchange efficiency, and is generally suitable for use in large refrigeration systems. 2. Evaporator Tube Ice Machine according to different types, generally: 1. Evaporator for flake ice machine: used on flake Tube Ice Machine; 2. Shell and tube evaporator: used on brine ice block machine; 3. Aluminum plate evaporator Refrigerator: used in direct evaporating ice cube machine; 4. Ice maker for ice cube machine: used in ice cube machine; 5. Vertical stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger (self-made): used on tube ice machine; 6. Stainless steel Plate heat exchanger: used in plate ice machine; 7. Coil type evaporator: used in large salt water ice block machine. 3. Flow control components The components used in the refrigeration system to control the flow and direction of the refrigerant (liquid u0026 gaseous) according to the needs of the system are collectively referred to as system control components. The above content is from Sohu
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