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Refrigeration system ( A)

Refrigeration system malfunctioned, generally can't directly see the part of the fault occurred in where, also it is not possible to refrigeration system components of the decomposition and anatomy, can only check from appearance, find out the abnormal phenomenon in operation, and make a comprehensive analysis. Generally in check by see, hear, touch, to understand the system running state. When the system operating pressure and temperature is beyond the normal range, in addition to the deterioration of indoor and outdoor environment temperature, otherwise will there is a problem, this is the important basis of judge fault source. Refrigeration system pressure and temperature of test
( 1) Refrigeration system pressure concept refrigeration system can be divided into high and low pressure at run time. High pressure section from the compressor vent to the throttle valve, this period is called evaporation pressure. Compressor suction inlet pressure is called inspiratory pressure, suction pressure close to the evaporation pressure, the difference between the two is the flow resistance of pipeline. The pressure loss generally limited to 0. Below 018 mpa.
for convenience, the refrigeration system of evaporating pressure and condensing pressure in the compressor suction, exhaust test. Is often referred to as the compressor suction, exhaust pressure. Detection of cooling system, the purpose of the exhaust pressure, is to get the evaporation temperature and condensation temperature of cooling system, to gain the operation condition of the refrigeration system.
( 2) Refrigeration system of the concept of temperature in the refrigeration system has a wide range temperature, evaporation temperature te, suction temperature ts, condensation temperature, exhaust temperature, etc. Decide the operation condition of the refrigerating system is evaporating temperature and condensing temperature tc te.

1) Evaporation temperature te refers to the temperature of the liquid refrigerant in the evaporator boiling gasification. For example, the air conditioning unit te. For 5 to 7 OC as the evaporation temperature of air conditioning unit, that is the design of the air conditioning unit te is 5 ~ 7 OC, when after overhaul of the air conditioning units in the debug, if te short of between 5 to 7 OC, expansion valve for high speed, detection of compressor suction pressure. Its purpose is to understand the evaporation temperature of unit operation, and te cannot direct detection, only by testing the corresponding evaporating pressure and obtain its evaporation temperature, By looking at industrial ice machine thermodynamic properties table) 。

2) Condensing temperature tc is refrigerant superheated vapor condenses into liquid heat release later in the condenser temperature. Condensation temperature can not direct detection, it is only by testing its corresponding condensing pressure, then through information table for refrigerant thermodynamic properties. Condensation temperature is high, the condensing pressure is relatively higher, they correspond to each other. Condensation temperature high, heavy load, motor overload, in operation, the refrigerating capacity reduced, rising consumption power, should avoid as far as possible.

3) The temperature of the exhaust temperature of td is refers to the compressor outlet ( Including temperature exhaust nozzles) Exhaust temperature must have a temperature measuring device, detection, general minicomputer is not set, the temporary measure available semiconductor thermometer testing, but the error is bigger. Exhaust temperature is affected by suction temperature and condensation temperature, suction temperature or condensing temperature, exhaust temperature also rise accordingly, thus to control the suction temperature and condensation temperature, stable to exhaust temperature.

4) Suction temperature ts refers to the temperature of the gas compressor suction connection pipe, detection of suction temperature is required for temperature measuring device, generally small units is not set up the temperature measuring device, general with hand touch to estimate when maintenance debugging, suction temperature of the air conditioning unit general requirements control ts = 15 OC for around for good. More than this value to the refrigeration effect to have certain influence.
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