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Refrigeration system

Part refrigeration system

refrigeration system mainly consists of compressor, condenser, filter, throttle valve, evaporator and other components and the composition of refrigerant, slightly larger systems may have to increase gas, oil, voltage controlled auxiliary components, etc.

element function

compressor, the compressor is the core component of the refrigeration system. It is the input electrical energy into mechanical energy, and then through the suction, compression and transmission refrigerant vapor, drive cycle the whole system.

condenser: by air cooling or water cooling for high temperature gas cooled compressor discharge.

filter: filter and absorption refrigeration process of trace moisture and maintenance system of trace moisture from the air, in order to ensure the water of the throttle valve is not condense into ice jam.

throttle valve, throttle valve is the high temperature liquid refrigerant throttling depressurization, into the low temperature low pressure industrial ice machine vapor, thus achieve the goal of refrigeration cooling.

the evaporator, the evaporator by evaporation of liquid industrial ice machine mass heat heat absorbed by cooling price.

refrigerants, refrigerant is the flow of the medium in the refrigeration system, its main function is to carry heat, and realize the endothermic and exothermic when change of state, to achieve the effect of cooling. Common refrigerant R22, R12, R404A, everything and R502A. Refrigeration process

the compressor by compressing the industrial ice machine into high temperature and high pressure gas flow to the condenser, the condenser is by means of air cooling or water cooling to room temperature high pressure of high temperature and high pressure gas condensation liquid, and then flow through the filter to throttle valve, throttle valve through the throttle at room temperature high pressure liquid into low temperature and low pressure gas flows into the evaporator, the evaporator absorbs heat by evaporation after evaporation for the low temperature low pressure gas low temperature low pressure liquid and return to the compressor.
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