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Refrigeration - Refrigeration system

Refrigeration system is through the use of the heat energy from the low temperature material ( Or the environment) Moved to higher temperature of the material ( Or the environment) A lot of type system, cooling system, according to the type of refrigerant used can be divided into freon refrigeration system, the working medium of the ammonia refrigeration system, cooling system and working medium such as air cooling system: according to the working principle of the different can be divided into compression type, absorption, steam injection, thermoelectric, adsorption refrigeration system such as: compression refrigeration system of cold water machine is also known as steam compression refrigeration system, due to the system performance is good, high efficiency and become one of the most widely used refrigeration system.

full steam compression refrigeration system should include refrigerant cycle system, oil circulation system, defrosting system, cooling water circulation system and cooling circulatory system, etc. The vapor compression refrigeration system of refrigerant cycle system consists of refrigeration compressor, condenser, throttle valve, evaporator of four basic parts. Refrigeration system in order to ensure the safety, reliability, economy and convenient operation, the system also includes shop help equipment, instrumentation, control devices, valves and pipes, etc.

ci enclosed said, refrigerant system consists of two main parts. Part refers to the throttle valve into the evaporator industrial ice machine left, after the suction to the compressor suction valve of the part of the loop. This part of the refrigerant pressure close to evaporation pressure in the pipeline and equipment, is called a low-pressure system. His function is to carry cryogenic liquid refrigerant to the evaporator, and within the evaporator, so often referred to as warehouse system. The other part is refers to the refrigerant from the compressor exhaust valve through the exhaust pipe, condenser, oil separator, liquid discharge pipe, receiver, high pressure infusion tube reaches the throttle valve that part of the loop. This part of the refrigerant pressure close to the condensing pressure of pipeline and equipment so it as a high pressure system. The effect of high pressure system is to improve the refrigerant vapor pressure, make through exothermic steam condense into liquid, restore its ability to evaporation absorbs the heat cooling object. in the high pressure system gives off heat to the surrounding environment, in the cold storage refrigeration system, most of the high pressure system pipeline and device into a machine or outdoor, therefore also referred to as computer system, this chapter in ammonia refrigeration system for column, in detail the composition and working principle.
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